Each of the shortcodes inside Massive Addons has almost limitless possibilities. But some of those shortcodes are containers which give you the ability to put other shortcodes inside them. The content inside creates the final look. Below you can find a examples of use for this shortcode, of course this is not all you can do. Remember, only limit is your imagination!

  • layout (choose one of 9 layouts),
  • content in overlay (disable/enable),
  • item effect (fade, slide etc.),
  • thumbnail height (in pixels),
  • disable title (disable/enable),
  • title overlay (disable/enable),
  • typography (font family, weight, text decoration, text transform, color, font size, content, line height, font subset, align),
  • meta (sort the order of meta info, disable/disable elements like date etc.)
  • margin (top, right, bottom, left),
  • background (solid, image, pattern, gradient),
  • border (width, style, color, radius, thickness from each side),
  • padding (top, right, bottom, left),
  • hover effect (fade, slide etc.),
  • lightbox (disable/enable),
  • icon mirror (disable/enable),
  • icon (font icon, image or font family) – integrated shortcode,
  • navigation (choose preset or create your own),
  • animation (enter animation) – integrated addition.

Some of those field types are used multiple times inside the pop-up.

Remember Carousel: Posts is a container which uses Single Post shortcode to display its content. You get the same settings inside carousel to style posts as in Single Post.

  • single scroll (enable/disable),
  • loop (enable/disable),
  • slide show (disable/enable),
    • delay (in milliseconds),
  • column number (1-6),
  • gap (in pixels),
  • stretch (enable/disable),
  • start at (specify index),
  • source (defines carousel source)
    • data source (post, page, product etc.)
    • taxonomies and tags (filter by tags or taxonomies)
    • sort by (date, id, author etc.)
    • order (ascending / descending),
    • max item number (number).

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Please Note: This list may not contain all the settings available, to learn more see documentation for this shortcode.

PRESETS & Examples Of use


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