Carousel: Slider

 Each of the shortcodes inside Massive Addons have almost limitless possibilities. We know it may sound scary, thats why we thought hard and came up with the idea of presets & easy mode. Presets basically define each of the shortcodes setting. You can edit the presets, delete and create your own. Below you can find a preview of the presets for this shortcode, of course this is not all you can do. Remember, only limit is your imagination!

  • counter position ( top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right),
  • typography (font family, weight, text decoration, text transform, color, font size, content, line height, font subset, align),
  • border (width, style, color, radius, thickness from each side),
  • inner border (width, color),
  • background (solid, image, pattern, gradient),
  • image hover effect
    • effect (none, brightness, contrast, grey scale, hue, invert, saturate, sepia),
    • reverse (disable/enable),
    • opacity (0-100),
  • appear effect (fade, slide in etc.),
  • overlay color (hex or rgba),
  • icon position (9 grid select),
  • icon (font icon, image or font family),
  • lightbox (disable/enable),
  • margin (top, right, bottom, left),
  • padding (top, right, bottom, left),
  • navigation (choose preset or create your own),
  • animation (enter animation, loop animation) – integrated addition.

Some of those field types are used multiple times inside the pop-up. For example background is used for overlay, hover, counter and regular states.

  • loop (enable/disable),
  • slide show (disable/enable),
    • delay (in milliseconds),
  • images (select images for the carousel)
  • image links (add links to your images)
  • slider height (in pixels),
  • gap (in pixels),
  • stretch (enable/disable),
  • start at (specify index),
  • image size (in pixels or WordPress default sizes).

Please Note: This list may not contain all the settings available, to learn more see documentation for this shortcode.

PRESET: 1 Classic

PRESET: 2 No Gap

PRESET: 3 Small Gap

PRESET: 4 Transparent Frame

PRESET: 5 Border


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