Learn about Massive Addons performance optimization and SEO.


We made sure that Massive Addons is as fast as possible. Thats why we looked at industry best practices and implemented them directly into the core of our product.


GTmetrix Page_speed_score

We have tested Massive Addons package with the worlds famous and trusted The final score speaks for itself. We have also received an A grade!

The average for most websites is only 81%


GTmetrix YSlow_SCORE

In the YSlow category we have also scored almost 100% and got an A grade.

The average for most websites is only 78%.


Number of requests

We have also cut back on request numbers. We are loading only the necessary files. The files are also minified to improve performance.

The average number of requests for the typical website is 71.


Page load_time

Massive Addons with it’s ultra fast theme loads in only 1.2 seconds. Of course thats for pages without media rich content.

The average load time for most websites is only 6.2s

need more?

Browse the list bellow and see how much though we have put into making Massive Addons the best.

Customize the_size

Each shortcode & preset can be easily turned off from the admin panel, if you do not want to use one of them just go to settings and disable it.

Font managment

We do not load the whole font family each time a font is requested, we only load the exact font & font weight that is used on a page. The same goes for the icon fonts.

search engine optimization

Each of our products follow the SEO best practices. We put a lot of effort into search engine optimization there is no point in having a website if it cannot be found.

Improved cache

We load files in the footer so they can be easily cached. This is the best practice suggested by leading server providers like WPEngine.

Minified files

Each of the CSS and JS files we use in our products is minified to decrease the file size and boost the load time of each file.

No external calls

You do not have to depend on the up time of our servers. If you need all of the assets can be stored on your server.

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