Learn all about the people behind Massive Addons. This product has become part of our daily life.


We take feedback from our users very seriously. We have already implemented dozens of user requested features and improvements. Suggestions are always welcome.


Rating“The best VC add on of them all. By far better coding and astounding support. This is the best. I love using it.”


Rating“Great stuff! Enabled me to put together great-looking pages easily and quickly, with lots of creative freedom. ”


Rating“Not many plugins on CodeCanyon are truly worth 5 stars but Massive Addons definitely is 🙂 First, the code is well written, responsive, and SEO-optimized. Second, the quantity of elements, icons, and templates you get for the price is an incredible value. But the real genius that sets Massive apart from the others is the presets and ‘Easy Mode’. Often, a plugin will have a beautiful demo page set up to entice the customer but once you buy the software you are at a loss how to achieve the end result. With Massive, you can have exactly what you see in the demo with the click of a button. This makes it so easy to get started but is also a great learning to see how all the options work. Once you get familiar with it you can create your own presets to save a ton of time! The support team behind Massive is also fantastic with prompt and friendly responses that address my questions completely. I would eagerly recommend this plugin to any Visual Composer user and will be buying a license for each WordPress project going forward. With the time saved, this plugin has paid for itself many times over. Excellent job! ”


Rating“I would just like to say that I will be using Massive Addons along with VC for all sites I create that require cool and modern animations. I love easy mode and once you get used to using VC and Massive Addons (about a week now) it is so easy to create a well designed, responsive site. MassiveAddons is very intuitive to use and I rest easy knowing that support is just around the corner if I need it.

The only regret is that I did not purchase 12 months support up front. 🙁 I will not make that mistake again ! :-)”


Rating“I am very impressed. Great support. They update all the time. Everything improves. I really believe in this product 🙂 ”


Rating“We were able to create a whole website just using this plugin and the included theme that comes with the plugin. We are additionally impressed by the strong costumer support and the fact that they listen to their costumers and include requested features in their updates. If you have Visual Composer, this is a must have plugin to compliment it.”


Rating“Very well written unlike other VC addons. I like the way the developer has used the DRY principles to manage the repetitive code. Will buy again for another project :)”

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